Perforated backing cover

A simple idea that will change your rides.

While carving technology can be considered the best innovation in the development of the seat pad, it exposes the backing foam to direct, unprotected contact with the Lycra, increasing the friction between the seat pad and the short’s Lycra, therefore creating uncomfortable ridges.
Some producers try to prevent this by attaching to the backing foam a basic polyester laminated with polyurethane film, but this reduces breathability by more than 80% and also decreases the flexibility of the seat pad.

The P.B.C. (Perforated Backing Cover) is made with technical, super-elastic Lycra, which we perforate; this does not at all affect the overall breathability and also maintains the natural flexibility of the seat pad.
The high durability of its structure allows the pad to glide smoothly with the bibshort, perfectly following the movement of the leg while pedaling.