We developed our collection of premium fabrics and foams to raise the quality standard

Premium fabrics

We developed our collection of premium fabrics to raise the quality standard and increase your enjoyment. First, we started considering what is necessary: friction, sweat, and irritations are evils to be eliminated! Together with our valued partners, we studied the possibilities.

That is why we undertook the project with a number of different suppliers that we chose based on how their specific technology related to our aims.
We have never forgotten what we wanted to achieve on the journey: simply the best and most comfortable fabrics. The YBC® premium fabrics are must-haves and are produced exclusively for us.

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YBC® Foams

All our premium fabrics are laminated only with premium reticulated and open-cell polyurethane foams. The exclusive use of high-quality foams is essential to provide the rider with the most dynamic response, comfortable support for many hours, elasticity, breathability, and durability, all in one.

Discover the three versions we have developed over years of tests and with feedback from thousands of professionals and amateurs: riders from all over the world who helped us define the three best groups to cover 100% of anatomic variables.

Each of our three performance density foams is laminated exclusively with medium-density foam as the intermediate layer between the fabric and the performance padding.
This reticulated foam offers unique moisture management properties, increased breathability, and a softer feeling on the surface.

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